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    Animal Communication

    Animal Communication

    Animal Communication is the process of communicating telepathically with animals.  Telepathy is the ability to transmit and receive messages through thoughts, feelings, images, emotions, sensations, sounds etc.  Everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically with one another;  with this kind of communication there is no language barriers. 

    The role of the animal communicator is not to “read” your animal but to engage in dialogue with them serving as a mediator for facilitating two-way communication.  These sessions are helpful for anyone needing or wanting to understand or deepen their relationship with their animal companions.

    Animals, like us, are subject to the stresses of their environment and may elicit or adopt behaviors or health issues.  A consultation offers people and their animal companions the opportunity to understand one another’s point of view and consider different options or perspectives.  When an animal becomes ill a consultation provides an opportunity to take the animals wants or concerns and to find out what options they would like to consider.  This can help people in the decision making process.  Animals, like us, are sentient beings and recognizing their spiritual essence is giving them the respect they deserve as fellow beings.

    Animal Communication allows you to expand your awareness and connection with your animal friends, thereby increasing the richness of your relationship and enhancing the bond you share.

    When to consider a consultation:

    • When you want to consider and/or understand your animals feelings, thoughts, wants, needs and  concerns    
    •  During transitions
    •  To address and resolve behavior problem
    •  When an animal may be nearing the end of their life
    •  To develop a closer bond/relationship
    •  Help in fostering harmony between multiple animals
    •  To help with adjustments
    •  To understand the bigger picture of your relationship with your animals and why you are together
    •  When your animal is ill
    •   After your animal companion has crossed over to check in on how and what they are doing

    How do I prepare for a Consultation?

    Session are conducted over the phone.  This is possible because the communication is telepathic so being in the same space is not necessary.  It is also not necessary for you to be in the same room or space with your animals during the session.  It is helpful for you to get the most out of your time if you prepare your questions ahead of time to keep the focus and flow of the conversation.  This preparation is for you and not the animal communicator.  If at all possible I like for you to email me a photo of your animal/s but is not absolutely necessary.  Having something handy for note taking is suggested. 

    What You Can Expect During a Consultation

    I always begin my sessions with a few questions for you….I want to know name of animal, age and gender.  If a picture is not provided, I will need to know breed and special markings.  I always start my consultations with an energetic physical check in with your animal/s.  I will be able to tell you about things such as pain and where, sensations and areas of concern but it is important for you to know that I do not diagnose conditions.  I leave that to your veterinarian.  This service is in no way meant to replace your veterinarian services.  It is important for animals to have regular veterinarian care to maintain good health. I start my consultations in this manner as health issues oftentimes can be at the root of behavioral issues.  Detecting physical areas of concern in this way can be a heads up that a veterinarian visit might be needed in the near future.

    After my initial check-in, then it will be time to address your questions and concerns with your companion.  I then facilitate the two-way conversation and relay your questions and your animals responses.  I enjoy connecting deeply with you and your animal and provide the opportunity for you to connect spiritually with them as well.

    Informed Consent - all Consultations

    By making an appointment for a consultation, the client acknowledges and accepts the following information and conditions:

    !) You are hiring Tara Argall as a consultant.  It is understood that Tara will do her best to help you communicate with your animal and will share pertinent information.

    2) It is understood that Tara is not a veterinarian, herbalist, medical doctor, dog trainer, etc. and makes no such claims.  Consultations include her opinions, what she perceives using her intuition, and her messages from your animal companions.  Her sessions are in no way intended or recommended to replace traditional veterinarian care.

    3)  Tara always recommends consultling professional in each field, such as veterinarian care, animal trainers, etc.  any advice she offers is based upon her years of experience and personal experience.  While Tara can communicate with animals, she recommends good health care (good whole foods, medical health visits to a veterinarian) and relationship building through obedience training and any experiences that will deepen your relationship with your animal companion.

    4)  You are ultimately responsible for for your animal's care, treatment and life.  Tara can only tell you what she sees or hears from your animal companion during the consultations. 


    How to Schedule a Consultation

    The length of your session can be estimated by using the criteria below:

    Quick Check-in is only an option if I have done a complete session with your animal previously.


    30 minute Consultation- This provides plenty of time for one animal addressing behavioral or health concerns.  It is also appropriate for one or two animals with only a couple questions each. 

    60 minute consultation- This is for multiple pet consultations or more complicated situations. 


    To schedule your appointment you can call Tara at 701.238.3265 or email her at