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    "I spoke with Tara Argall on the advice from a friend.  I'd recently adopted a very troubled brussels griffon and wasn't sure how to proceed or if I could even hope that she might improve.  I was skeptical of what I was told Tara was capable of, but in great need of help.  Much to my disbelief, Tara was able to connect on an emotional level with my dog.  She allowed me to actually communicate and learn what was going on with this tortured animal.  It was nothing less than astonishing.  There was no trick here.  This dog was 'saying' things that directly related to the life she'd known before I adopted her.  Tara had been told nothing.  Of the many breathtaking moments, there was one where my dog said (through Tara), 'they take my babies'.  My dog had been rescued from a puppy mill - where she'd been kept pregnant with no name in a box for 2 years.

    Tara continued to do some further healing work (Bodytalk) with Sami after our initial conversation.  It's impossible to recognize the cheerful, playful, loving dog I now have from the one I worried about all those months ago.  I don't know how she does what she does.  I just know it works.  she has a tremendous gift - an invaluable one in the life of my rescue dog and our life together.  I'm so grateful for her work.         Edie Falco - Hollywood Actress - Sopranos, Nurse Jackie, Oz and many more!



    Along with our family horses and pets, we have several rescued horses, dogs and cats.  We have for a long time used homeopathics, energetic healing, and animal communication to assist in problem solving with the health and well being of all who reside at our High Tail Horse Ranch and Rescue.  This Spring, I behan a search for some answers tohelp solve a busking problem we were having with our stallion, Royal Target.  Roy had been trained to ride and yet every time a rider got on him he woul turn into a magnificent example of a rodeo bronco.  After exhausting all of the options I had at my disposal, I landed on a referral to Tara.  In working with Tara, I learned that Roy had a stomach pain problem and she die a couple of Bodytalk sessions.  Through these sessions we were able to resolve the problem and Roy began to put on some nice weight, and we were able to train him not to buck anymore.  He has not begun his endurance career and is doing just great!  Soon after our experience with Roy and Tara's bodytalk work, my daughter brought home a rescue horse named Cadillac Jack.  Caddy is a beautiful pintabian gelding, and I am guessing his owner dumped him because he had a respiratory problem know as heaves (equine asthma).  Homeopathics seemed to help his condition some, but through Tara's work, his respiratory problem has completely cleared, and he too is starting a conditioning program for endurance and will go along with us to the rides until we can place himin a proper home.  I strongly suspect that Tara would be able to help many human asthma sufferers also!  Since Caddy responded so well to his sessions with Tara, I decided to ask her for help with many problems.  I had been having sinus problems for more than a month, a suspected infection that just would not clear.  Within two days after my session with Tara the sunus pain and pressure was gone.  Not only that but I suspect my monthly migranes will become a thing of the past too.  Tara also worked on Gordo, our tiny Chhihuahua dog when he became unable to use his back legs to walk.  The Bodytalk detected bacteria to be the culprit.  His recovery was spectacular.  He went from not being able to use his back legs at all to resuming his daily chase and play sessions within two days.  Needless to say, our family is grateful for Tara and the work she does.  We plan to include her in our family's health care plan from now on!  Charlotte


    At only age 24, I had been experiencing major knee and back pain due to several sports injuries throughout the years.  My knee had already been operated on after manyyears of bowling when I re injured it diving to make a catch in softball.  The injury had caused me to attend therapy to get full range of motion back in my knee.  As I gained motion back I was continually nagged with sharp pain where the hematoma had developed.  I had also been seeing a chiropractor for the chronic lower back pain in which it felt like my hips were shifting and my spine was shaped as an "S."  At the chiropractor we would get everything back aligned but within a couple days it would go right back to where we started.  After I talked to Tara about the pain I decided to try Bodytalk.  Tara worked on theses areas over a couple of sessions and in the days after I could already feel everything slowly starting to shift and take form.  To this day I have to thank her because I have had no pain in these areas since.  My body acutally feels very refreshed and as a result I have had more energy to pour into all of my activities.  I would definetly recommend Bodytalk and Tara and will continue to use it myself.  Nathan


    Bodytalk has been an amazing asset in my health and wellbeing.  It has shifted things that I have worked on for years in therapy with very little improvement.  The wonderful thing about it is that it really is the healer talking to your body, not you!  So you can just stay out of the entire process and leave the work to the practitioner.  I have worked with Tara on several issues through Bodytalk.  One of them has been an ongoing anxiety that I have felt throughout my life.  I can honestly say that my anxiety level has dropped dramatically.  I feel a huge difference and I am starting to experience life on a much more joyful level.  I can't say enough about Tara Argall.  As a healer and as a therapist, her ability to intuit and to witness the process, rather than guide it through her own personal lens, is quite remarkable.  She demonstrated a professionalism, depth of experience and a natural aptitude for healing-through many different methods-that is truly rare, indeed.  Susan


    Shelter life is challenging for animals.  Although they receive love, food, shelter, time with staff and volunteers; not knowing their background; shelter staff often time feels helpless how to comfort the animals that are confused, disoriented, scared and unsure as to why they are at the shelter.  Until Tara Argall started to volunteer her time as animal communicator, we were at a loss as to how to help some of our animals who were demonstrating all of the signs above. 

    When Tara started to work with our animals, not only was she able to comfort them, but she was also able to give the staff information about their background and needs.  The relief and change in the animal's behavior is always very visible after Tara works with them.  With Tara's continued help, we are able to provide a well-rounded and balanced care for the animals in our care.  As the executive director of an animal shelter, I find Tara's services as an essential part of our every day operations and truly believe that every animal shelter will benefit greatly from the service an animal communicator like Tara provides.  We owe it to the animals we serve.  

    Nukhet Hendricks, Executive Director FM Humane Society